History of Lakeridge

The Native American Washoe people had been living in this area long before Lakeridge was established. Their tribe name derives from the Washoe word, waashiw (wa·šiw), meaning “people from here.” In 1844, American explorers Kit Carson and John Fremont were the first to discover the area. Fremont described the Washoe as being cautious of being close to them, but in time, when he showed no aggression, the Washoe came forward and offered him handfuls of pine nuts. Fremont described struggling through deep snow and being impressed by the Washoe’s skill with snowshoes. The Washoe voluntarily shared their knowledge of the land and eventually guided Fremont to a safe passage to California. Long before Lakeridge was developed the rich and famous flocked to the stunning nearby beaches to enjoy the sun, surf and relaxing atmosphere provided by Tahoe’s beaches.

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